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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Is Xomba Really Worth It? Review - Earnings - Experience

Anyone who has previously read my posts will know that the purpose of Covering The Mortgage is to generate passive income from the internet to pay my monthly mortgage payment. I pay about £430 per month and at the moment I am generating £100 per month and Xomba is making a large contribution to this.

I came across Xomba in 2008 because I had read a review on how people were making a decent amount of money writing articles and receiving money for adsense clicks. Xomba is a revenue sharing website which shares its revenue 60:40 where the member receives 60%. I started writing for Xomba in 2008 and after writing about 20 articles I was making about $5 per week which was not bad at all. I then stumbled across an Xomba article where the writer was claiming to make $3000 per month and the owner of the site Nick Verenis had confirmed this. The name of the writer was Dedom and he was offering to share his secrets if I joined under his username which I did.

The strategy was to look at Google trends and then find the most searched for keywords and then write short bookmarks about them in an attempt to get high levels of traffic. Within a month I had about 50 articles and 1000 bookmarks and have been earning roughly around $100 per month since 2008. I have been really happy with the results and I regret not putting more effort to write more bookmarks and articles using this strategy. Since 2008 I have about $1500 and had I continued at this pace would probably have made $1000 a month after writing about a year.

I was considering adding more content however for some reason Xomba decided to block my account but continued to give me my share of the adsense earnings which was fair. Recently however my plans were really hit hard when Xomba decided to stop sharing revenue with blocked users despite keeping the content online on its site. I have earned a lot of money for myself and Xomba however I feel that I am being treated unfairly. At the time when I wrote my bookmarks and articles everything passed the editorial guidelines however for some reason they have changed their terms and conditions and completely blocked my account and stopped sharing revenue with me. The only reason that I think my account was blocked was due to changes that were happening to Xomba because they were trying to avoid getting hit by the Google algorithm change and I was unfortunate enough to be in the blocked account category. Here is Nick describing the changes.

I have emailed the site administrator Amanda and copied in Nick Verenis who is the CEO of Xomba explaining to them the following.

  • I spent over 2 months of my time adding bookmarks and articles to the site.
  • Everything passed the editorial guidelines at the time and everyone was submitting massive amounts of bookmarks on the site.
  • Dedom who provided me with the strategy was also doing the same as I was yet I have noticed that his account is not blocked.
  • I have noticed that my bookmarks and articles are still on Xomba and earning money through adsense.
  • I think it is unfair that the revenue is not being shared and I just want a explanation as to the fairness of blocking people and then stopping their share of adsense yet still keeping the content to make money for Xomba.
I am still awaiting a response and hope that it is favourable as this is a significant chunk of my passive income. I am now glad I did not continue with Xomba. Imagine writing consistently for a year and then having your adsense share stopped without any proper explanation. 

This is not a damning review of Xomba because I know you can make money with this site. I am just trying to get a explanation as to why my account was blocked and revenue share stopped. Xomba is a great place to earn extra cash and I would urge you to check it out. I know that common sense will eventually prevail and hopefully my rightful share of the adsense revenue will be given to me. I will definitely keep you posted.


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