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Friday, 20 April 2012

JCMayer777 - A Infobarrel Member Who Everyone Can Learn From

I have been on IB for over a year now and after investing over 500 hours writing and learning I have started seeing sustained success. This success has been a great journey for me where I have met very influential people such as Pat Flynn and JCMayer777

JCMayer777 really opened my eyes to IB and the possibilities and eventually becoming a reality. JC on IB alone has come close to $3000 per month and with time I know that he will eventually break the $10k barrier quite easily. It is quite easy to neglect everyone when you become successful but JC is quite different and has helped me immensely.

I owe a lot to JCMayer and in particular his ebook on SEO really opened my mind. If you are looking for success by writing content on the net then you definitely need to read this book. The tips really blew my mind away and I suddenly realised how things really work, it really made sense to me. 

 The book really explains in detail and lifts the lid to many of the secrets behind SEO. After taking  on board the advice the advice from JC and his eBook I have been able to extend my earnings from £30 per month to nearly $200 per month. For me this is an amazing achievement and I know that I can eventually earn $1000 per month before 2013.

Read my earnings report to see how JCMayer has helped me.

January 2012 IB Earnings - 100% Adsense Increase
February 2012 IB Earnings - 47% Adsense Increase
March 2012 IB Earnings - 37% Adsense Increase