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Friday, 24 June 2011

Making Money With Infobarrel - Earnings - Review - Panda

My experience of infobarrel has been mixed to say the least.I stumbled accross the site after top blogger Pat Flynn made a recommendation based on the earnings potential and growth of the site. I was very enthusiastic to start with in January and within a couple of months wrote 180 articles. I was progressing really well and made £28 which is $48 per month which is a fantastic acheivment for me. These results were obtained without backlinking. I then proposed to backlink as many articles as I could and use Market Samurai to improve my keyword research. I was really getting into my stride when the Google algorithm change took place and my monthly earnings in dropped about 50%.

Monthly Infobarrel Earnings

It seems as though the earnings are stabilising around £20 and steadily increasing. The Google algorithm change has certainly halted my progress however earnings now seem to be on the up which is quite pleasing. My initial plans for Infobarrel was to warn £25 per day so that I could give up my day job, however after the Google algorithm change I have changed my strategy slightly. I want to diversify my on-line passive income so that I wont need to rely heavily on one stream of income. If something disastrous was to happen to Infobarrel then I would have other sources of passive income to draw from.

My New Strategy For Infobarrel

I have decided that for the time being I will not write more content for Infobarrel and will instead concentrate on promoting my content. Out of the 194 articles that I have written only 10 articles earn the greatest share of my revenue. If you look at the Google Analytic below you will be able to see my 10 highest earning articles.I want to eventually be earning £100 per month from this site and at the moment I am about 20% there which means I am progressing well.

Here are the links to my top 10 articles which earn me the most money if you want to have a look.

Famous People Who Give Money Away
How to Relieve Severe Gas Pain and Bloating Without Medication
Who Can Help Me Pay My Credit Card Bills
How To Ask Millionaires For Money
Zero Gravity Massage Chair For Chronic Back Pain
How To Ask Oprah For Money
How Much Is Lady Gaga Worth Forbes
How To Make Your Face Whiter Naturally
How To Get Free Bio Oil After Pregnancy
How To Get Free Shoes From Adidas

Starting from next month which will be July I intend to back link all these articles. I will not go overboard as this will raise alarm bells with the Google bots and my articles will probably be sand-boxed. Instead I have targeting to create 100 back links for the 10 articles over a period of 30 days. This means that I will post 3 to 4 back links per day alternating between the articles. If I take a steady approach then Google will see this as a naturally occurring action. At the moment I am receiving about 70 views daily and at the end of July I hope to be receiving around 140 views daily.

My Targets For July
  1. Create 3 to 4 back links per day
  2. Alternate between the articles so they seem like a naturally occurring action
  3. Use quality sites and do not spam the links
  4. Add value for the reader by posting a detailed explanation of the articles
Most of my submission will be to social bookmarking site where I hope to build a solid reputation for providing quality content.  I am also considering rewriting all these articles and adding more quality content and pictures and then posting them on other revenue sharing sites. Sites such as Seekyt and Xomba seem promising so this is something that I may throw in during July to see how things progress. 

I hope sharing my experience with this revenue sharing site has been informative and useful. If you do have and comments or constructive criticism about this post I would be glad if you can share it. As always I want to finish my post by adding value or providing some sort of wisdom about what I am trying to do so here goes.

Passive Income Takes Time To Generate. Always Have Realistic Goals And Expectations. Diversify Your Passive Income And Be Patient. Good Things Happen To Those That Are Patient.


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