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I have been interested with passive income since 2009 and have been entertaining the idea of trying to pay my monthly mortgage payments passively. There have been lots of ups and downs and there have been times when I really wanted to throw the towel in. Fortunately I feel that I have started to make progress and my efforts are finally coming to fruition.

I have been writing for Infobarrel for 14 months and although I put in minimum effort and concentrated on writing quantity as opposed to quality I have seen slow growth. It is only now that I have educated myself in Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword research that I am starting to see results. I really feel that I can start to believe in myself and have the conviction to pay off my mortgage payments quickly.

At the moment I am paying interest only on my 25 year mortgage and roughly pay about £500 per month which is around $833. I am now making $170 per month from Infobarrel so I have reached 20% of my goal. I really believe that by the end of 2013 I can reach 100% of this goal. Paying the mortgage is such a burden and if I can pay the interest only payments passively then this will give me the confidence to go on and generate enough money for the full mortgage repayments and even try and pay off the entire debt. This would be an amazing achievement.

The year 2012 has been amazing; I have seen my earnings go up 100% then 47% and then 37% on a monthly basis. I am now really putting more effort in to try and continue this trend. I really want to share all that I learn on passive income which is why I always to my best to write detailed earnings report which are linked below.

I really wish that these links to my earning can help you earn passive income to achieve a goal such as paying off the mortgage. As always  if you have any questions please email me on