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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Master Plan To Make More Money On Infobarrel By Outsourcing

It has been 14 months since I started writing articles on Infobarrel. Since then I have written 299 articles and am currently making $170 per month. I really want to make this figure grow and if my plan to pay my mortgage using passive income is to come true then I really need to supercharge and mastermind a revised plan. You can read my income report here: Knighttrader Income Reports

My Overall plan consists on 3 phases. I want to achieve my first goal which is to make $833 so I can pay my monthly mortgage interest payments. Once I exceed this figure I want to earn $1000 so I can completely pay my mortgage repayments without the need to dip into my salary. Eventually I really want to save the money and raise enough capital to pay off my mortgage debt. This would really be an amazing feeling to have. Just imagine not worrying about the monthly mortgage payments and rest assured knowing that you are paying your debt off.

March has been a great month for me; three years ago I was made redundant from my high flying job which paid well. I had to then turn to the first available job to support my family. Unfortunately I found a job as a retail assistant and my income went down the toilet and my life became a struggle. I am happy to say I found a new job 3 years later and I am on a decent salary. This does not mean that I will stop writing to make money, instead I will try and plough my profits into employing and outsourcing.

The way I see it to make money writing you need to be knowledgeable in the following

1. Great at writing articles 
2. Great keyword research
3. Good linking strategy

I have decided that I eventually want to outsource 30 quality articles every month. I am willing to pay $10 per article as I firmly believe that quality pays. I have used my contacts and am looking for a  perfect writer who is also a member of Infobarrel. The great thing about this site is that you build contacts quickly which you can trust. I have outlined my needs and how I want the articles to be structured with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation.

I also want someone to provide me with keywords and I have managed to get a mastermind expert to do this. JCMayer777 is another great Infobarrel member and has managed to earn up to $3000 per month on Infobarrel using masterful keyword research. JC provides keywords for people who write on Seekyt under his referral. I have managed to strike a deal with JC whereby he supplies me with great keywords for articles to be published on Seekyt; I will then rewrite the articles and post them on Infobarrel. This way I will generate income through two channels therefore diversifying my income.

I will also be very involved and keep a keen eye on my analytics account to find articles which are performing well and then writing more in that niche. This has really worked for me; I remember having 230 articles at one stage at the turn on 2011 and only managed to earn $20 per month. After turning my attention to optimising using analytics I increased my articles to 299 and my earnings jumped to $170 per month. By squeezing as many dollars as I can from my articles the quicker I will achieve my goals.

I really believe that this will work; previously I have dabbled in outsourcing but failed because I wanted to pay no more than a dollar for an article. I have now changed the way I think and have got two masterminds on board where we all win and I have the opportunity to grow my income by maintaining this profitable relationship. I cant wait to publish my April report which is already looking good; I have already earned $60 at the point where I earned $41 last month. With more articles to be published this month and keywords supplied by JC I really believe I can meet the $200 mark which would be another great milestone. Please join me in my adventure and I promise to share everything that I learn.


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  2. Its always good to have a plan, outsourcing and keywords you should also try squidoo for diversification incase ad sense gets banned or something or zujava