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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Turbo Charging My Articles To Earn More Passive Income

Anyone who reads my post will know that I like to be as efficient as possible. I love the quote "Efficiency Is Doing Better What Is Already Being Done". Using this philosophy I am trying to really take my passive income to the next level and you can read about my plans to supercharge my webanswers residual income. I have really been happy with the progress I have been making and I have made £100 in the month on June. I now want to really turbo charge all the content that I have on the internet and really squeeze every ounce in terms of passive income out of them. My ultimate aim is to pay my mortgage using the passive income that I generate. I currently pay £430 per month on my mortgage and if I can pay this residually then that would be amazing.

I have nearly 200 articles published on the internet with Infobarrel and I earn approximately £20 from them each month. I have not backlinked these articles nor have I promoted them. I believe I am only squeezing about 10% of the potential passive income out of them. I really want to take this to the next level and I want to increase my productivity without compromising on my quality. 

To do well as a blogger/internet marketer you need to be doing the following things

- Contribute to make the internet a better place
- Always add value so that you develop a loyal readership
- Try and get to the top of Google using backlinking strategies
- Expose your content as much as you can
- Never copy or violate terms of agreements

My Plan - Supercharging my Articles

I have nearly 200 articles published on the internet on Infobarrel, I now want to rewrite these articles using spinning software and then add them to 10 other revenue sharing websites. Spinning will allow me to really increase my productivity and start earning money quicker. The way I see it is if I write an article on Infobarrel and it is really useful then posting the article to another revenue sharing website by making it completely different will only help to make the internet a better place. Say you find a really good treatment for acne and you want to share it with everyone, spinning allows you to create original content quicker and if you can spend time adding different pictures and videos to them you can really make them indistinguishable. Pat Flynn who is the author of the blog Smart Passive Income has used this strategy and has been really successful even after the Google algorithm changes. When spinning articles you need to adhere to the following.

- Always read the article before publishing
- Add different media and vidoes
- Never post the same article twice
- Always add value to the reader

If you can demonstrate that you are adding value then you can create a vast amount of passive income.

Spin The Articles - 5 minutes

I want to use The Best Spinner to spin all 200 of my articles and then post them on 10 different revenue sharing sites. The spinning software allows you to achieve really high levels of originality. If you spend 5 minutes spinning an article and then an 55 minutes to post them on 10 different sites then you will use an hour. If you write 10 different articles you will spend almost 4 hours, so by spinning you save 3 hours in terms of productivity.

Posting the Articles - 55 minutes

The revenue sharing websites that I am proposing to use are the following:

1. Infobarrel - Seed 
2. Seekyt
3. Xomba
4. Bukisa
5. Helium 
6. Triond
7. Infopirate
8. Shetoldme
9. Flixya
10. Hubpages

The procedure should not take more than an hour once I become proficient at it and will essentially be creating 10 article per hour. If I spend 3 hours per day I can generate 30 articles. Over a month I would be able to generate 900 articles. Bearing in mind I have 200 articles and 10 revenue sharing website I can ultimately create 2000 articles on the internet. I will also be able to compare which are the best revenue sharing websites and keep posting more content there. I can also backlink my articles to by creating link wheels so Infobarrel links to Xomba which links to Flixya which will ultimately increase my search engine results. 

Incorporating My Niche Site

Every time I create a post for my Niche site I will spin the content and then add to the revenue sharing websites. I will be rising in the Google search results and be earning a revenue from the content that I publish from my niche site. It is all about taking every thing you have and then bring it together like you do on a football team.

If I can really get this procedure going I know that I will be able to boost my revenue and come a step closer to paying my mortgage off passively. As always I like to end my posts with a quote that captures the mood of the blog so here goes.

To Increase your effectiveness, make your emotions subordinate to your commitments - Brian Koslow 


  1. I am very interested as to if your plan has succeeded, i think the plan has the potential to work.