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Monday, 27 June 2011

My 30 Day Challenge To Make My Infobarrel Articles Earn More Money

I am into residual income in a big way and the purpose of this blog is to generate enough income from the internet to pay my monthly mortgage payments. At the moment I am targeting £430 which is my monthly mortgage payment amount and I am generating about £100 per month through the internet which I am really happy with because I have achieved 20% of my target. Ultimately in the long run I hope to pay off my entire mortgage with the money I generate passively.

I started to writing  for Infobarrel since January and have accumulated 194 articles. At the moment I am earning around £20 to £30 from the articles I have written. From my Google analytic account I have discovered that out of the 194 articles only 20 of them earn money and about 10 of them earn nearly 80% of the income. Clearly these articles have a good search engine placement and an excellent click through rate. I got thinking, how can I make these articles to earn much more and now I have devised a plan to really get the most out of my Infobarrel articles. Here are my top earning articles on Infobarrel.

My strategy is multidimensional and if I can implement the plan properly then hopefully I can generate more income from my highest earning articles. I want to implement the following actions.

Add pictures to my highest earning infobarrel articles

Many writers on Infobarrel have implemented a successful strategy whereby they add multimedia pictures to their articles to generate more pages with Google Adsense ads. If someone writes a article on Infobarrel then they have one page that contains a set of adds. When they add multimedia pictures they create another separate page which contains another set of Google ads. So If I have an article and add 5 pictures to it then I will have 6 pieces of content with 6 sets of ads. Many Infobarrel writers such as Chezfat have experienced success using this strategy and I will now try my hand at it.

Rewrite the highest earning articles and then post them on other revenue sharing websites

Once I have added the multimedia content I am planning to rewrite or re-spin the articles and then post them on other revenue sharing website. I have decided to try out 5 revenue sharing websites as I don't want to overwhelm myself with work and it will also provide me with an opportunity to see how well the articles are doing as I compare across the board.

Backlinking my articles which earn the highest revenue

In a previous post which outlined my plans for Infobarrel I stated that I wanted to create at least 100 backlinks for my 10 highest earnings articles. I still want to continue which this target and and if I can create 10 different backlinks from 10 different sites then I will be able achieve my objectives. I intend to backlink my articles on the following sites.

My plan is to complete all these tasks within 30 days (July) to see what kind of an impact it has on my revenue from my highest earnings articles on Infobarrel. At the moment I am earnings between £20 - £30 and if I can increase this amount to £50 this will be a great achievement. As always I will report back to inform you of my progress and how these strategies are working or failing so watch this space.

As always I like to finish my blog with some kind of quote that will thought provoke or inspire yourself to continue your efforts to create residual income so here goes.

When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people - Chinese Proverb.


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