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Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Niche Site Development Plan Using Pat Flynn's Strategy

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I want to generate passive income so that I can make my monthly mortgage payments. At the moment my mortgage payment is around £430 and I am generating almost £100 per month here which means I have achieved 20% of my goal. I am really happy with my progress however I don't want to take my feet off the gas. I have written articles on Xomba and Infobarrel and I answer questions on Webanswers however the place I really want to make money is on my niche site.
I was inspired to build a niche site after I followed the progress of the Niche Site Duel between top bloggers Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum. They challenged each other to to create a niche site from scratch and take it to the top of Google search engine results. I followed the progress they were making and was amazed at the strategies they used to achieve their goals. At the moment Pat Flynn is earning about $1000 per month from his site and this is something that I really want to follow.

To start with I followed everything that Pat was doing and I created a website on Cold Sore Remedies which was a particular niche that had a keyword that was quite uncompetitive and the adsense click was relatively commercial. The software that I used to to all my research was Market Samurai which helps you find profitable keywords that have low levels of competition. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use some sort of software when you do your research on a particular niche. With MS you can really cut through all the crap and pin point a keyword that you can make a lot of money with as long as you get to the first page of Google. 
Once I chose my niche I started to create quality content. I wanted to create something that would really last and from the beginning I made a pledge to myself that the website would add value to the reader and the internet. There is nothing worse than finding a low quality website at the top of a Google search because people know how to manipulate search engine results. Inevitably these low quality websites will be knocked off the top spot as Google becomes more and more life like with its algorithm or when someone sees they can do a better job.
So far I have written about 15 articles on my niche site and I am adding content everyday and editing content that I think needs improvement. My aim is to make the readers experience of the internet better and provide some sort of information that the reader will benefit from. I have checked many of the sites that are on the top spot and I feel I can make a better contribution.
It is really important to check how well your niche site is doing and without any banklinking I am on the 8th page of Google search engine results in Position 79. I am very happy with the progress that I have made so far and being on the 8th page is quite an achievement in itself for me. Now my job is to take it to the number one spot and the journey has really begun. I will continue to add quality content to the site and make it as comprehensive as possible. It will be a place where you can find out everything there is to know about cold sore remedies conveniently organised in one site that is both helpful and informative.

It is so important to track how you are ranking in the search engines and Market Samurai is one of the best software to help you achieve this. There is a module in MS that allows you to enter the keyword and the website address and you will be able to find where you have been placed in the results. By tracking your progress you can really motivate yourself to rise in the rankings. MS is really easy to use and the tutorials they offer are outstanding. Anyone who wants to create a niche site must use this software.

Backlinking To Better Search Engine Results
Now that I have established my place within the Google search engine results my task is to climb as much as possible. I need to backlink all my articles and according to Pat Flynn and there is a strategy that you can use to become successful in this area. There are two layers to the backlinking, there is a primary layer and a secondary layer. The primary layer links directly to your website and the secondary layer links to the primary layer and to each other. The primary layer consists of the following.

Primary Layer

  1. Top Article Directories
  2. Blogs
  3. Web 2.0 Properties
  4. Links From Blog Blueprints
The primary layer will consist of really high quality backlinks and the articles that I submit will be both informative and add value to the reader. I will gradually build the backlinks otherwise Google will see this as a blatant attempt to manipulate the search results. I will add a few backlinks per day to make it look completely natural. 

Secondary Layer

  1. Mass Article Submission
  2. Mass Bookmarking Submission
The secondary layer will consist of mass submission. You might be thinking that this will look unnatural however because it is linked to your primary layer you can add quite a lot without affecting your niche site. This is a really excellent strategy and one that I will be following for every niche site that I build in the future.

You might be worried about how you are going to write so many articles for so many sites and the solution is to use a article spinning software called Best Spinner. With an article spinner you can recreate your original article and make it look unique. The software replaces synonyms and makes the article look completely unique. Some people are really against article spinning however if you have written the article yourself and read the content and is passes for uniqueness then I don't think it is really harming the internet.

My Plan Now

Now that I have the knowledge and strategy I need a plan to to achieve my goal of going to the first page of Google. For the month of July I intend to do the following.

Add 30 more unique articles to the cold sore remedies niche site
Create account with 10 primary layer backlinking sites and submit articles to them

I don't really want to start on the secondary layer just yet as I don't really want to overwhelm myself and then end up achieving nothing. To me this is a learning exercise and I want to take my time over this niche site. Once I am confident about how to make successful niche sites I will then start to get things moving faster.

Most of the content here today has been the inspiration and knowledge of Pat Flynn and I would urge you to visit his posts on the Niche Site Duel I have attached a video that Pat has created and I would urge you to watch this as it really helps you understand the mechanics behind the whole process. Pat has really raised the curtains and everything for me is really transparent.

As always I like to finish my blog entries with some sort of wisdom or knowledge that I think may be appropriate so here goes. I have really learnt so much by writing this post and I hope that I have inspired you or pointed you in the right direction.

Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.- Thornton Wilder


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