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Monday, 9 April 2012

Using My Profile Page To Maximise My Revenue On Infobarrel

I love Infobarrel and I want to should about it from my rooftop. Infobarrel has really helped me generate passive income which I will eventually be using to pay off my mortgage. At the moment I am on a interest only mortgage payment with Santander and pay $833 or £500 per month. I want to generate enough money to pay this monthly and then go onto repayments and eventually pay off the entire debt. 

To generate passive income you have to really be as efficient as possible. It has been 14 months since I started and I have been humbled by my original target to achieve $1000 per month within a year so I could make my mortgage payments. I am generating about $170 per month in march which means that I have achieved 20% of my goal. Now I have 299 articles and want to become as efficient as possible to squeeze every ounce of juice from my articles. 

I have come to realise how important a profile page is and where before I paid little regards to it I found myself spending an entire day trying to perfect it. The profile page is essentially your brand and once it become interesting more and more traffic flows through it. I have eventually come up with the following profile page introduction for Infobarrel; hopefully this will edge me nearer to my goal of paying my mortgage off passively.


My goal on Infobarrel is to make $1000 per month. I know that this is possible as other writers are pulling in more than $2000 per month.

Earnings Report To Help Newbies

Knighttrader Earnings Jan 2012

Knighttrader Earnings Feb 2012

Knighttrader Earnings Mar 2012

I am now working as a Financial Planning Administrator and am looking to set up a rich collaboration with other IB members to earn $1000 per month. I am now around the $170 mark and intend to reach my goal by 2013.

I am also looking at developing Niche Sites according to Pat Flynn's Niche Site Duel. Please feel free to check this website out at Cold Sore Remedies. I have chosen cold sore remedies becuase I think I can really provide really informative articles and insights into the subject.

For me this really encapsulates what I want from a profile page. I have really gone the extra mile to let people know my intentions without boring them. With the knighttrader earnings report I have also helped people with advice which I always give; and finally I have a section with articles which show examples of SEO articles which will hopefully help other people. I really believe that I have ticked the two boxes that every internet marketer needs to tick which is - 

1. Make the internet a better place
2. Be as helpful as possible to your fellow internet marketer

Please feel free to comment and I will try and respond as soon as possible.


  1. Hey man, just popped over here from InfoBarrel and wanted to say that I think you've got an awesome goal. Even more importantly, you've got dedication and a plan; mix those with execution/effort and you'll be rocking hard before you know it.

    I don't put nearly the amount of effort into InfoBarrel that I should, and seeing your hard work translate into progress over there is really inspiring. Keep at it, and keep letting us know how you're doing.

    Rock On